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Oregon State Police MRT Training

  • Mother Earth Loses Another Warrior!
    From July 8-11, 2008, four members of the 973rd COB took part in a series of training exercises with the Oregon State Police's Mobile Response Team. These photos show a little of what we did in support of the MRT.

Major Welch's Promotion Ceremony

  • Captain Akers, Current C Co. Commander, Shares a Laugh with Major Welch
    Captain Wyatt Welch, AKA Cajun Six during his tenure with C Co., 2-162, was promoted to major this past weekend. These are some of the photos taken during the ceremony.

41st Division in World War II

  • 162nd Infantry Approaches Biak
    The 41st Infantry Division served from 1942-1945 in the Southwest Pacific Area of Operations during World War II. The Oregon National Guard formed the nucleus of the 41st Division when it first went to war and included both the 162nd and 186th Infantry Regiments. These photos tell the story of a few of the division's hard-fought victories during the island-hopping campaigns in New Guinea and the Philippines.

A Co 2-162 May 2008 Drill Weekend

  • Hard Weekend's Training!
    While working with Cadet Smith and the GFAD's he had brought out on the second day of the exercise, I had a chance to role-play an obnoxious photo journalist who got in everyone's way and generally caused much trouble. These photos are some of the shots I took as a firefight unfolded around the outskirts of our make-shift local national village and its marketplace.

973rd COB's in Action

  • This Won't Count Jones!
    The Photos in the album demonstrate some of what we do, and the bond we share, in the 973rd. They were taken at Camp Rilea, Goshen State Police Range, and at Fort Lewis during our operations with 2-162 Infantry.

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August 11, 2011


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Eric West


Interesting that is right where you and I took our first RPG, Huh?

Miss ya, buddy!


Thanks for the post. I was with MOD/Charlie Company in the 173rd at COP Tangi, and you and your task force were quite helpful for us. We truly appreciated all the rides you gave us. I was wondering if you could email me any more photos you might have taken in/around the COP? It would be much appreciated.


last pic is tower 3! lol i hated that tower

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